TrackMan, FlightScope, GC2 and other resources now in Birdietime calendar

We’re happy to announce a new update to Birdietime. Birdietime Calendar can now manage the use of shared resources between teaching professionals.

April 25, 2018

Our development team has been working hard again and we’re happy to let you know that Birdietime can now manage shared resources between several Professionals at a Club or Academy.

Many Professionals use latest technologies in their teaching, and all Pros working at a particular club share those resources between them. Typical examples include TrackMan, FlightScope and GC2. Simulator, studio or any other resource that can only be used by one Pro at a time, can also be dealt with in a similar manner.

Once you activate the Resource Management -feature, Birdietime will automatically reserve the resource when a new booking is made.

So what does this mean in practice? Here’s an example:

John books a lesson for his Pro Andrew including TrackMan analysis at 10 o’clock on a Thursday. Pro Steve is working at the same club and he too, provides coaching sessions with TrackMan. When the resource management is activated, Birdietime will automatically reserve TrackMan for John’s lesson with Andrew.

Thus, as Steve’s clients go online to book a lesson with Steve, his calendar will show other types of lessons at 10, but no available TrackMan lessons. Steve’s clients are able to book a coaching session with TrackMan on other times of the day but not for the slot that has already been reserved for John.

To activate the feature on your Birdietime, please contact our Customer Support Team at