Save hours of admin work

Our most active pros save 4-6 hours per week on admin tasks

Grow your tuition business

Make booking easy, sell more to existing customers and reach new ones

Minimize no shows

Online payment, easy rescheduling and automatic reminders minimize no-shows

Quick, easy and flexible

Setting up Birdietime is quick and you won’t need a manual to use it

Booking & payment service to your customers

  • Allows customers to book and pay online 24/7
  • Create and publish lessons, group lessons, clinics and gift cards
  • Easily manage group lesson bookings & payments
  • Run promotions and discounts

Birdietime Dashboard for you to
manage your tuition services

  • Real-time reports on your bookings & sales
  • Safe and secure payment handling
  • Send messages to existing clients
  • Customer base of previously booked clients

Market your services in a professional way

  • Professional web presence in
  • A single location for all info on your tuition offering
  • Free marketing resources
  • Flexible – can be integrated with your existing webpage

Calendar to manage your work week

  • Define your availability windows and working hours
  • Pre-notifications for appointments
  • Syncs with your existing calendar
  • Access anywhere, anytime market place at your service

Birdietime has been chosen by over 500 golf professionals across UK and Europe.