Online lesson booking is here to stay, or is it?

Online golf lesson booking is gaining popularity as golfers demand better service around the clock

August 5, 2018

The PGA Professional magazine published a feature story about online lesson booking titled “Is online booking the trend?” in its July 2018 issue.

The article summarized recent developments in golf lesson booking and described how new generations of golfers are accustomed to access services whenever and wherever they are.

Mikko Back, Founder and Chief Golf Officer of Birdietime comments in the article:

“Golfers expect golf services to be available 24/7 at the push of a button, just as travel, retail and entertainment services are.”

The article featured three PGA Teaching professionals from England, Ireland and Northern Ireland, all of whom are actively using Birdietime online booking. Read the case studies below on how the Pros have benefited from online lesson booking:

Case study 1: Zoe Allen

Zoe Allen is a PGA Teaching Professional at Lurgan Golf Club, Northern Ireland. Zoe has been using online lesson booking for a while now and comments on it:

“I have reached new clients that I wouldn’t have reached before through my booking system being available on my website. I feel I reach a wider circle of people through having an online booking system.

Case Study 2: Brendan McDaid

Brendan McDaid is an Advanced PGA Professional and a popular coach in Ireland. Brendan has been using an online lesson booking system for many years now and he is convinced of its business benefits:

“I would say you’re missing possibly up to 50 per cent of your business if you’re not using an online booking system. It saves you time having to arrange lessons on the phone or in person because most people are happy to book and cancel online. If you don’t make it easy for the customer they’ll go elsewhere.”

Case Study 3: Iain Powell

Iain Powell is a PGA Professional at Stratford Oaks Golf Club in England. Iain is a keen user of digital tools in coaching and has also started to drive his customers to online booking:

“…I can safely say that I’m currently saving about one hour per day with online booking. I still have to manage quite a lot of bookings manually as around 30 per cent are done online and 70 per cent manually, but in the longer term, I’m hoping to reverse that and eventually get to 100 per cent online booking.”

What are your thoughts on the topic? Do you think online services will become as important for lesson bookings and camp registrations, as it they have for tee times? Do share your thoughts and if you’d like to discuss with one of our experts on whether online lesson booking would be the right choice for you, please get in touch.

Read the entire July 2018 issue of The PGA Professional online.