Birdietime Code: A new way to redeem vouchers on-the-go

Introducing Birdietime Code! Our new web-app helps you redeem vouchers on-the-go in a matter of seconds.

June 20, 2018

When your customers – be it members or visitors – book lesson deals or gift cards on, they receive a voucher code with which to book the individual lessons.

Many times customers book the first lesson online but would like to book the next lesson in person, at the end of the first lesson. Well, now you can do it – be it at the pro shop, at the range or the short game area. Just grab your phone, make a few clicks and it’s done. Birdietime Code works everywhere – as long as you have internet connection on your device.

Redeeming a voucher is as easy as this:

  1. Go to
  2. Type in the voucher code and click ”Search for voucher”.
  3. Check the voucher details, type in the redeem amount (if the voucher code is a gift card) type in a note* (for example the customers name) and click Redeem.
  4. If you made a mistake, you can undo the Redeem

It’s this easy:

If the customer has a Unit Voucher – meaning he/she has purchased a certain number of lessons – the flow is a bit different but really easy too:

The notes are meant for back office use only and will NOT be visible to your customers. We store the notes in the Birdietime system in case we need to go back and track voucher usage later on.

To make the Birdietime Code easy to find and use, go to on your phone or tablet, and pin the page to your homescreen. That way you will have always it with you – where ever you are. Keeping track of vouchers has never been this easy.

Do try it out and let us know what you think! Our support team will happy to hear your thoughts.