New pricing plans for more flexibility

Our new pricing provides more flexibility for Pros teaching in different settings

October 5, 2018

We’re happy to announce our new pricing plans! We are a new company, and we are constantly learning new things as to how we can make the life of a Pro easier. Our new pricing plans are part of that mission.

Our CEO Jimi Veijonen comments an the plans: “We wanted to create an affordable and transparent pricing that is both flexible for our customers and sustainable for us as a company.

The new plans are effective for all new customers. What comes to our loyal existing customers, we have already started contacting them to agree on the most suitable plan for their needs going forward, and the transition period towards the new plans.

Over 500 PGA Professionals have taught us a lot

Over the past 1,5 years, we’ve been fortunate to work together with 500 PGA teaching professionals across England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales and Finland. PGA Professionals work in multitude of roles in the golf industry and you would be hard-pressed to find two Pros with similar working days.

“Our original pricing was based solely on service fees, and the more bookings you received, the more you paid. This worked for some of our Pros that only teach infrequently but for others, the pricing discouraged them from using the online booking as much as they’ve liked. We wanted to change this.” explains Birdietime Founder and Chief Golf Officer Mikko Back the thinking behind the new pricing model.

For some Professionals, almost 100% of their time is spent on teaching and on instruction related activities. For others, the main role might relate to managing Pro Shop operations, and teaching is only one of the many services they sell and manage. For some Pros club fitting and repairs is their main role and instruction services complement that role. And finally we have the touring Professionals that teach if and when they get the opportunity to do so.

We hope that our new pricing plans help you utilize online booking the way you like to support your business and to provide an excellent service to your customers.

New, flexible pricing plans

Here is a summary of the new plans. The plans allow for different types of golf instructors find the one that is most suitable for their particular situation.

  1. Light. Suitable for those that teach once in a while but prefer to have a professional looking digital profile page with ability to purchase lesson deals and gift cards. 
  2. Basic. Suitable for most Pros working on their own giving them full access to our booking system including personal Birdietime Dashboard, private calendar and real-time sales reporting. 
  3. Team. Suitable for two or more pros working together in the same company.

Below is an overview of the UK plans with prices for annual billing. For further billing options, please contact us.

The Light plan provides the Pro with a professional digital profile page on that can be used as a personal landing page. The page allows the Pro to sell lesson deals and gift cards online that can be redeemed on-the-go with Birdietime Code app.

The new Basic and Team plans provide full access to our features and functionalities. Both plans are based largely on a monthly or a yearly fee making it easier to budget the costs on a yearly basis.

In Basic and Team plans Pros can embed Birdietime online booking functionality on their existing website, or use it via Embedding “Birdietime-powered” online booking to the club’s website allows Pros to offer a modern 24/7 booking service to existing club members too as there are no additional costs for members booking online (and paying in cash as they arrive at the club).

Start your free trial and get your own quote

The prices stated above are UK plans with prices for annual billing. Due to currency exchange rates, taxation and cost structure differences, the exact prices vary slightly depending on your geographic location. Furthermore, we offer both an annual and monthly billing option. To get your personal quote, please contact

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