First Steps to Market Your Online Booking

We drafted a simple checklist to make it easier for you to make sure you’ve covered the basics. Go through the list and make it easy for both your present and future customers find your new online service – both online and at the club.

Step 1: Make sure your customers can find it

The first thing you need to do is to make sure your customers can find your new online booking service. Start off by ensuring you have these basics covered.

A) Make sure customers can find the online booking on your website

(You may need to ask your webmaster to help out a bit on this.)

  1. Add a button or a banner to the front page of your website/to your club’s website that reads for instance “BOOK A LESSON”. Consider where else you might position such a button.
    » Find our ready made buttons here.
  2. Add button or links to the booking page everywhere on the website where golf lessons are mentioned.
  3. If you have your own website as well as the club website, make sure that links to the booking page are visible and easily findable on both websites.
B) Include a link to the booking page to sites where people search for your contact info
  1. Add a link to your online booking to your social media profile (e.g. Twitter, Facebook page, Instagram bio).
  2. Add a link to your online booking page to your e-mail signature.
  3. Add a link to your online booking page to any other relevant websites and online directories where people might be searching for ways to contact you.
C) Direct your customers to the right place in your promotional materials
  1. When you promote your lessons in social media or in newsletters, always add a link to the page where customers can find the detailed info about the lesson/program and make a booking. The easier it is to find, the more bookings you will generate!
  2. When you’re promoting a single lesson, a clinic or a package, you might want to consider directing customers directly to the product page instead of the generic booking page. That way you customers won’t need to look for the right lesson but find the correct one right away.
Step 2: Make sure customers know about it!

Online booking is great service to your customers as it lets them book lessons whenever they like and wherever they are. Customers appreciate the flexibility of online services so make sure you let them know you have this great service!

Also remember that it’s worth guiding your existing customers to your online booking system. First, having customers manage their own bookings can free up to 4-6 hours of your time on a weekly basis that you can use to either give more lessons, better manage your shop or focus on other activities that allow you to grow your business.

Second, having your customers in your online system, lets you easily see what they’ve purchased before and promote further relevant services to them, thus increasing your sales per golfer.

A) Introduce your new system to everyone working at the Club
  1. Remember to show your new booking system to everyone working at the club and also guide them to offer all golfers asking for lessons to visit the site and book from there.
B) Promote your new service at the Pro Shop and your Club
  1. If you run a shop, promote your new online booking there by sticking a poster on the wall / at the door / placing it on the counter. To get started, use our free printable poster templates.
    » Open printable templates
  2. Promote the new booking service at the club. Place posters or other relevant materials where they fit best, and where golfers can see them (e.g. notice boards, digital news screens, flyers on tables)
C) Promote your new service to new and existing customers
  1. Send an email newsletter to members and your existing customers and announce your new service. Our marketing toolbox includes a short intro text you can use if you like.
    » Open example intro text
  2. Promote your online booking service in social media. Head over to our marketing toolkit for example posts and images you can use to promote your service. Remember to add nice visuals and the right hashtags!
    » Open example social media posts
  3. Repeat 1) and 2) several times over the season! Customers are slow to learn new things and very few of us read all the messages that we receive, so make sure to promote your new service on a continuous basis throughout the year – it’s not just a one off thing. We can guarantee you that even after a couple of years, you are still going to be running into customers who still don’t know you’re providing such a great service.
  4. Promote the online booking service to all clients that come in to take lessons. You can even print out small flyers to hand out to them at the end of the lesson. Do check our marketing toolbox for free printable flyers.
    » Open printable templates