How to boost your golf instruction business with service packages

Off-season is a great time to develop service packages that you can sell ahead of the peak season. Read below some tips and hints to get started!

Why to create service packages?

First of all, creating service packages to different types of golfers is a great way to communicate the diversity of your tuition services. Packages are a great way to describe in practice what your customer really will receive. Well thought-out service packages also showcase your approach to instruction and help the customer to choose what’s right form him or her.


Second, packages are a great way to differentiate your services from other instruction services. If all other pros in your area are offering only “lessons”, you can differentiate by offering different packages for juniors, lady golfers, seniors, single digit golfers, families etc.

Third, service packages are a great way to encourage customers to commit to longer training programs. Instead of just booking a single lesson from you, why not try to sell an entire series of lessons at one go to make sure your customers really achieves their goals.

And last but not least, let’s not forget the business side of things. The purpose of packages is to increase the size of a single purchase by a customer.

Examples of service packages

Please find below some simple examples of packages for different customer segments:

  • “Early bird” discounts for those booking services by a selected date
  • “5 lessons for the price of 4” and similar volume discounts for those buying in bulk
  • ABCs of golf – a comprehensive package with different types of lessons covering all aspects of the game for those learning golf for the first time
  • Father & daughter day – a weekly group lesson for fathers and daughters which is designed to make it fun and exciting for both of you followed up by a cup of hot chocolate at the club house.
  • From double to single digits – an ambitious package designed for those looking to improve their game, and really wanting to challenge themselves
  • And many many more…!

4 steps to getting started

Ok, so you want to get design your own service packages – where should you start? These five questions help you get started:

Step 1: Who is the package meant for? Be clear on who the service is best suited for.

Step 2: What does the package include? Clearly list all the elements of your service and describe them in a meaningful way for your customer.

Step 3: How much does the package cost? Remember, price is part of the package, so make sure the pricing makes sense.

Step 4: Decide a catchy name for the package!

Managing service packages

Creating and administrating packages should be fairly easy if you have a system that can easily manage them. 


With an online booking service such as Birdietime, customer receives a voucher code to use to book the individual services, and the system automatically keeps track of how much they’ve used, what’s left unused and how long the voucher is valid. No more hassle with paper and pen!

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