I’m very fortunate to get to do what I love everyday!


Zoe Allen is a PGA Teaching Professional at Lurgan Golf Club, Northern Ireland.  Recently, Zoe was named a top 50 US Kids teacher, and one of the five coaches from outside the USA that were granted that honour. 

Zoe has truly embraced digital channels in her work: she has her own website, very active social media channels and she also offers a 24/7 online booking service to her clients.

We had a privilege to speak with Zoe and find out a bit more about her!


1. Describe briefly your journey to a PGA Pro?

I started playing golf when I was 10 years old with my dad who introduced me to the game. Little did I know taking up the game at 10 years old would lead to me becoming a PGA Professional and Golf Coach.

After leaving school at 18, I studied Accountancy at Queen’s University Belfast, thinking this was the Profession I wanted to get into. After achieving a degree in Accounting I knew it wasn’t for me, and I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to apply to the PGA.

I started my PGA training in 2013 at Belvoir Park Golf Club, and after one year I moved to where I’m based now Lurgan Golf Club.

I have a real passion for growing the game and am very fortunate I get to do what I love everyday!

2. Who are your three biggest customer groups?

This is a tough one, as I am coaching a wide variety of people at the moment. Juniors is definitely number one, followed closely by Elite Players, women, men and beginners.

3. Describe the kind of services you offer? 

My services cover quite a wide range of things: I offer privates lessons for adults and juniors, offers for buying lesson packages (adults 5 for 4 and juniors 6 for 5) Junior coaching groups (5 years and up) and Minion Golf (3-4 years old). In addition, I run the U.S. Kids Learning programme which includes coaching techniques that are specifically designed for younger golfers to ensure they get the best possible start in the game. I also have LPGA Girls Golf and Social Events for ladies and “get into golf” programs for both ladies and gents.

My most popular service currently are the Junior coaching groups which run after school or in the evenings during the week.


4. What is the role internet and social media for you, and what have you learned?

Internet/SocialMedia are huge for me! I have my own website www.zoeallengolf.com and I send emails out with details of upcoming programmes. 

I also use Facebook, Twitter, Instragram and Linkedin regularly. It’s amazing how many people you can connect with through social media platforms!

My biggest lesson for me has been that one can never post enough! One has to stay on top of it: keep people engaged and upload things they want to see. I’ve really noticed that people like to stay informed of what’s happening and what’s happening next.

6. How do you expect your services to develop over the next 5 years?

I’m unsure of where I see my services going over the next 5 years but I guess I still want to keep doing everything I am doing at the moment, but to an even higher standard. 

I’m always learning, attending coaching seminars and trying to develop as a great coach. I will possibly add a few new programmes, but for now, I really want to focus on making what I currently do even better!

I reckon the junior population will grow as golf is definitely becoming more and more popular, so I reckon this will be the section to grow the most in the next 5 years.


8. How are you currently using Birdietime?

I have all my coaching groups on Birdietime from juniors to adults clinics and ladies get into golf program. Once I have done all of the scheduling and I have put everything online, it’s so easy to just send people straight to the website in order to get more information on the packages and to book. It definitely cuts out the back and forth communication.

People have told me how easy the booking system is. That is fantastic and I’m happy to hear that people are finding it very user friendly.

Birdietime gives me more free time to coach instead of spending time trying to sign people up for programmes. Overall, Birdietime gives me more time to get out there and to do what I love!

This blog post is part of Birdietime’s Featured Pro -series. We’ve met hundreds of PGA Pros during the past couple of years, and some of them have really impressed us with their energy and professionalism. In this Birdietime Featured Pro -series, we will introduce you to some of them!