Frequently asked questions relating to pricing & becoming a client.

Do I need to be a PGA Professional to sign up to Birdietime.com?

Birdietime is an official partner of The PGA in the UK and Ireland and a strategic partner of The PGA in Finland. If you’re located in those countries, you need to be a PGA Professional to sign up.

In other markets, you do not need to be a PGA Professional.

Can I sign up to Birdietime.com from any country?

Yes you may, as long as you are happy to provide your clients an online booking service in English you are able to use Birdietime.

Payment service fee covers the cost of secure card payments for your customers and you. Our current online payment service provider is Stripe and their fees vary depending your country origin. You can check their current pricing on their website: https://stripe.com/fi/pricing.

Please note that you may also use Birdietime booking service as a “cash-payment only” booking service in which case your customers pay their lesson at the club or the Pro Shop. In this case, you do not need to pay the payment service fees.

We always recommend our Pros to provide a credit card payment option to their customers as it is seen as a good customer service and it is also a good way to minimize the number of no-shows to your lessons. But the choice is up to you!

How is the Birdietime.com transaction fee calculated?

Birdietime.com transaction fee covers our costs related to managing, developing and marketing Birdietime.com service to golfers, and providing them with proper customer support to find what they are looking for.

Hence, we charge all you a transaction fee on all bookings that you gain through Birdietime.com.

The basic principle is simple: our system calculates your sales for the last month that have come through Birdietime.com, and deducts the transaction fee before the payout to your bank account is made. Please visit our Plans for the current transaction fees.

Is is possible to pay the yearly fee in installments?

Our BASIC plan is based on a monthly fee that is charged either once a year (the most affordable option) or on a monthly basis.

If you would like to pay the yearly fee in installments, we can accomodate for that but will need to charge a invoicing surplus of £5 per invoice.

When do I receive my money from online bookings?

Birdietime settlements are processed at the end of each month. The payouts (bank transfers to your bank account) take place within 1 – 5 working days after each settlement period has ended, depending on your country of origin and your bank.

As a default, minimum amount per settlement is £100. If your sales for a settlement period are less than £100, the payout will be moved to the next settlement period.

Along with your settlement you will receive a detailed report on that specific settlement period. The settlement report includes details of each individual booking and the total amount to be received.

Remember, you can always log in to your Birdietime Dashboard to view your latest sales and booking status (if you’re on the BASIC plan). The detailed info is found under the “Reports” section of the Dashboard.