Dan Davis: Online booking has saved me countless hours

Birdietime Featured Pro: Dan Davis

October 3, 2018

Dan Davis works as PGA Teaching Professional as part of the coaching team at the Chase Golf Club in Staffordshire, West Midlands. Dan’s main focus is on coaching, custom fitting and golf club repair services at the club.

We had a chance to hook up with Dan and ask about his work, the way he’s been using online booking, and the ways in which he’s getting ready for the off-season.

How did you become a PGA Professional?

I started playing golf at the age of 12 at The Chase Golf Club and at Bloxwich Golf Club. I enjoyed the game at an early age, and I progressed to representing Staffordshire as a junior in the following years.

I have always had a passion for coaching and at the age of 18, I made the decision to turn Professional and pursue a career in golf. I graduated from the PGA Foundation Degree at Birmingham University in April 2016. I am currently enjoying my time as a PGA Professional mainly focusing on coaching and custom fitting new equipment in a pursuit to help people play better golf and enjoy the game.

Tell us a bit about your work at the Chase.

I coach a variety of golfers; both male and female ranging from beginners to plus handicappers who represent their county. I get great pleasure in seeing the improvement of all my clients.

I offer a wide range of coaching services from clinics which cover putting, short-game, bunkers and long-game. The most popular service I offer is one-to-one private lessons.

What do you consider you to be your specialities?

I am known as an all-round coach with a holistic approach on coaching. I make sure we work on players’ weaknesses to improve their consistency out on the golf course.

In the near future, I’m looking to specialise in the short-game and putting. My reason for this is due to my opinion that you get reward for a great short-game shot much more than a great tee shot. I understand that you need to get the ball in play from the tee but the short-game is where you can improve your score the most.

What do you offer during the off-season?

During the winter I will be offering a Winter Performance Plan, paid monthly. This is a 6-month plan with limited availability. Each client will receive a plan for the upcoming months with the set amount of lessons followed up with detailed lesson notes to ensure understanding and progression.

How do you see the role of digital services?

I think social media is now massively important to growing your brand. Everyone is now on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It is the new way of advertising, sharing tips and engaging with your clients.

Dan is an active user of Instagram to engage with players

Online booking is much more popular now and it has been a great step forward for me. Allowing clients to book lessons at a time that suits them best with a system that links straight into my diary. No messing around with checking bookings. It has honestly saved me countless hours of arranging appointments.

I believe there will also be a lot more online coaching in the future, but I don’t think you will be able to beat face-to-face coaching.

Great feedback from clients is a great motivator.

Tells us about your experiences with online booking.

I have now been using Birdietime online booking since March this year and I have definitely benefited during this period. Like I said earlier, the number one advantage is that clients can book appointments at their leisure and it links seamlessly into my calendar. This allows me to spend more time coaching rather than arranging appointments.

My clients’ feedback has also been positive. The most common positive feedback is that they get reminder emails to confirm their appointment. This has also had a positive effect on my “no-show” rates.

What are your top 3 tips for a golfer looking to improve their game?

Here are my top three tips:

  • Always practice what needs to improve. If you want to improve you need to practice what you are bad at. If you hit nearly every fairway with your driver but 3 putt four or five times per round, then you need to work on your putting to see an improvement in your game. If your someone who struggles with their putting then the next tip will help.
  • Practice your putting to a 5p. Before you play next, aim at a 5p on the putting green from around six feet. Your goal is to roll the ball over the 5p. Focusing your aim on such a small target before you play will make the holes on the course look twice as big. If you aim small, you miss small – a putt missing the 5p by a fraction on the practice green will still find the bottom of the hole on the golf course!
  • Work on your short game to start scoring better. You get rewarded much more for a great short game shot vs a great long game shot. Imagine you’re planning to play a par 4. You hit a great drive followed by a great second shot that rolls just through the green, bad chip and 2 putt. You score 5. Alternatively, you hit an ok drive followed by a miss struck iron that finishes 30 yards short of the green, great pitch and 1 putt. You score 4! You will always score better with a good short game even on days when your long game isn’t at its best.

What has been your greatest moment in golf?

My greatest moment in golf has to be playing Celtic Manor in 2010 just after the Ryder Cup. To play the course just after watching the Ryder Cup was a real privilege. 

What do you do on your day off?

I don’t get many but when I do, I enjoy playing a variety of new courses I haven’t played before, or taking my better half out.

If you’d like to hook up with Dan and learn more about his services, visit his website or Dan’s profile page on Birdietime.com


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