Chapter 5 – Week of many “firsts”

This week our team spread to three different locations, and it definitely was worth it. Eetu and I explored Edinburgh in Scotland (both first timers), Niall spent the week traveling across Northern Ireland, and Jimi was enjoying the sun in Miami, Florida.

First customers

Despite the success we’ve enjoyed in the first weeks in Ireland, we were bit nervous on how we would be received in Scotland. Our first day of meetings turned out great, and Birdietime got it’s very first customer in Scotland on day 1! Meanwhile in Northern Ireland, Niall managed to get our very first customer there and the week got off to a flying start.

The next day and the rest of the week was pure joy! Great meetings and very positive feedback from the Pros – just as we were hoping to!

The funniest thing happened on Tuesday. Jimi, who had been taking some time off in Florida, announced that “Guys, by the way, we have our first customer in the USA !”. This means, that we are now officially operating in two different continents. This made me promise to our team, that at the end of January, we will be in three.

At the end of the week, we had signed over 20 pros from Scotland, Northern Ireland and the US. A pretty good week, one might say.

First Lady on the team

We are more than happy to announce a new team member. Miia has joined our team, and takes responsibility for our UK operations. She will start in one weeks time and will join our next visit to Scotland.

Miia is no stranger to me – the first time we played golf together was about 13 years ago. Miia, great to have you onboard!

So in case you are wondering, yes, we are recruiting golfers! We still have several positions open in the team, do check them out!

First time on bike (on a business trip)

The golf clubs we visited in Scotland were close to our AirBnB apartment, so I decided to rent a bike instead of a rental car or using Uber all the time. Biking was great fun – most of the time. On a particularly windy day, it felt like Edinburgh was made up of uphills only, and no matter where you turned, the wind was always against you. Though distances were short, the day became a tough exercise. Anyway, if you’re planning a stay in Edinburgh, I highly recommend hopping on a bike for a day or two.

Now it’s time to enjoy a few days back home, and then head back to Scotland. This time we’ll be visiting golf clubs around the Glasgow area.

Over and out.


Mikko Back, Founder & Chief Golf Officer