Chapter 2 – Ireland, we love You

A lot has happened a very short time, 12 days to be exact. A short summary:

  • Clubs visited = 11
  • New partners and great people to work with in the future = 7
  • European Tour tournaments attended = 1 (Irish Open), not so good tournament for Mikko Ilonen 🙁
  • Own rounds = 1 x 6 holes + 1 full round at Portmarnock Links, 9 holes at Seapoint, 9 holes at The Island Golf, 1 round at Portmarnock (Old Course), 1 round at K Club (Palmer Course) and 1 round at Carton House (O’Meara Course). What a set-up of courses, incredible and so different courses. One of the reason we love Ireland.

Shortly about biz

We have decided to start recruiting 2-3 new team members to Ireland. Meaning, we are serious about the Irish market. We have already had one interview and so far everything looks just perfect. Like we used to say, #letsgo.

Now it’s really the time to push the gas pedal and put all our efforts into expanding our service to this beautiful green island.

Meanwhile in Finland

Today we agreed to sign a permanent employment agreement with our main man in customer support, Kimi. Great to have you on board officially, Kimi! Couple of other negotiations are in progress for additional super-powers to our team, hopefully we can announce those soon.

Mikko Back

Founder & Chief Golf Officer of Birdietime.