Chapter 1 – Birdietime goes Ireland, first deal matters the most

After 2 months market study and all the experience in Finland, Birdietime decided to enter Irish market.

Why not, they love golf and beer, like we do. Seriously, we thought that we Finns were bit “old fashioned” with digital services when it comes to booking and paying golf lessons, Ireland was even more/worst. But, no worries, Birdietime for rescue.

Our team prepared a full-blown demos, I mean full-blown. 

For the first meeting we had a marketplace with 20 different clubs and 30 different PGA Pros. We had 20 different clubs having their own service offering in their own websites. Before we even landed in the country! Thanks guys! And btw. we can actually launch Ireland in 15 minutes if we so decide, one of the reason we love internet, everything is quick 🙂

And what a start.

We booked more than 20 teaching lessons in advance from Finland with PGA pros in different clubs in Ireland.

  • Why so?
  • How to get a meeting agreed for sure?
  • Who wants to get to a  “sales meeting” during busy peak season? You book a teaching lesson with the pro 🙂

So far all of the pros in Finland (and also in Ireland) has laughed and not charged for the “lesson” we booked. From first three meetings we have now three new partners (not customers!) in our team. Birdietime is ready to digitalize their booking and payment process with Birdietime digital tools. Welcome onboard Conor, David and Cormac! You guys can’t imagine what your commitment means to us.

Then about golf itself. Ireland, we love you! We have couple of links courses in Finland, you have THE links courses. We love every stroke and every hole we can experience at your lovely courses. So far Portmarnock Links and Seaport courses have been tested, so many course still  to be experienced. 4 #birdietime so far 😉 

This chapter was written by Mikko Back, Founder and Chief Golf Officer of Birdietime.