Birdietime to sponsor PGA’s oldest tournament

Birdietime has strengthened its new relationship with The PGA by becoming the support sponsor of its longest running national tournament in the UK, the PGA Assistants’ Championship.

March 21, 2018

We’re happy to announce that as part of our three-year deal with The PGA, , we have committed to support The PGA’s longest-running national tournament: The PGA Assistants’ Championship. The tournament pre-dates the famous US Masters by four years having been established in 1930.

It’s been said that the Championship is one of the hardest to win – players are only eligible to compete in the championship during their three years of training.

Mikko Back (above left), our founder and chief golf officer commented on the topic: “We wanted to get involved not just because it’s a tournament rich in history, but also because Assistants are the ones who will play a crucial role in how golf will evolve over the coming years.

“We look forward to having fruitful discussions with participants on how we can make the daily life of a PGA Professional easier with our tools, and to help them focus on what they love the most – the game of golf.”

Tristan Crew, PGA executive director, Member services (above right), said: “We’re delighted Birdietime has followed up becoming a PGA Partner by agreeing to be the support sponsor of our longest running tournament.”

This year’s 54-hole final in July will be staged for the first time at Farleigh Golf Club, Surrey, with players competing for a prize fund of £32,500.

In addition, Birdietime awards the winner with an all expenses paid trip to Finland, the Nordic homeland of Birdietime. The trip will include the final day at the Vierumäki Finnish Challenge 2018, a Challenge Tour tournament held at the Championship-level Cooke Course designed by Graham Cooke. In addition, the winner will get to attend Birdietime Championship played on the Cooke course on the following Monday (Sunday pins) and a chance to try out Finnish sauna and a dip into a lake!

Read the full story on The PGA website.