The winner of The Masters sweepstake is…

Our Masters sweepstake drew a lot of attention last year as we promoted an opportunity for one of our Pros to win a trip to the Masters 2019 with one of their customers. The more bookings a Pro had via Birdietime, the better the chances were of winning the sweepstake.We’re thrilled to announce, that the winners of the Birdietime Masters … Read More

5 tips for promoting golf lessons in social media

If you are a teaching PGA Professional, and you’re looking to increase your tuition revenues, we have one word for you: marketing. Social media is often a cost-effective way to get started and it is a natural way for many customers to connect with services. Based on our experience, many Pros still manage to overlook many basics of social media … Read More

5 reasons to start selling group lessons & programmes

Many golf professionals swear by private lessons. Private lessons undoubtedly help the golfer to improve his or her game but if you are looking to grow your instruction business, focusing on private lessons only may not be the best thing to do. Here are five reasons why we think you should at least consider developing your group lesson business. 1. … Read More

How to boost your golf instruction business with service packages

Off-season is a great time to develop service packages that you can sell ahead of the peak season. Read below some tips and hints to get started! Why to create service packages? First of all, creating service packages to different types of golfers is a great way to communicate the diversity of your tuition services. Packages are a great way … Read More

I’m very fortunate to get to do what I love everyday!

BIRDIETIME FEATURED PRO: ZOE ALLEN Zoe Allen is a PGA Teaching Professional at Lurgan Golf Club, Northern Ireland.  Recently, Zoe was named a top 50 US Kids teacher, and one of the five coaches from outside the USA that were granted that honour.  Zoe has truly embraced digital channels in her work: she has her own website, very active social media … Read More

Chapter 5 – Week of many “firsts”

This week our team spread to three different locations, and it definitely was worth it. Eetu and I explored Edinburgh in Scotland (both first timers), Niall spent the week traveling across Northern Ireland, and Jimi was enjoying the sun in Miami, Florida. First customers Despite the success we’ve enjoyed in the first weeks in Ireland, we were bit nervous on … Read More

Chapter 2 – Ireland, we love You

A lot has happened a very short time, 12 days to be exact. A short summary: Clubs visited = 11 New partners and great people to work with in the future = 7 European Tour tournaments attended = 1 (Irish Open), not so good tournament for Mikko Ilonen 🙁 Own rounds = 1 x 6 holes + 1 full round … Read More