5 tips for promoting golf lessons in social media

If you are a teaching PGA Professional, and you’re looking to increase your tuition revenues, we have one word for you: marketing.

Social media is often a cost-effective way to get started and it is a natural way for many customers to connect with services. Based on our experience, many Pros still manage to overlook many basics of social media with regards to promoting their offering. Here are a few examples that are definite “no-brainers”:

1) Add a link to your website to your social media bios

To start off, make sure all your social media profiles are up to date and include a link to your website where people can directly book your lessons. That way anyone looking for further info, can find it easily.


2) Promote your lessons and groups with direct link to the booking website

When ever you promote a particular lesson, group lesson, clinic or gift cards, make sure you always include a link to where customers can directly book the lesson.


3) Remember to repost the offer

Only a handful of your followers will notice your first post so make sure you repost the offer at proper intervals. Test and see what works best for you. You may also want to inform customers when there are only a few places left, so they know to make a booking right away.


4)  Add relevant hashtags to your posts

Try and test to see which hashtags work best for you. Experiment with hashtags of your town and area and those of your sponsors. Or why not use popular hashtags related to popular events.


5) Ask your club to retweet your promotions

Ask the social media manager of your club to follow your social media channels and retweet your offers when you post them. In return, you can also retweet their offers to your followers.